terms & conditions

1. At all times during your event the hired items remain the property of Ellis Events.


2. Whilst the items are on hire the hirer has sole responsibility for them and shall be responsible for the items and insurance thereof from the time of acceptance until the goods have been returned to Ellis Events in a satisfactory condition.


3. The owner, Ellis Events shall not be responsible for any injury or damage to persons or their property, however sustained, arising from the goods on hire.


4. A non refundable booking fee of 15% is payable to secure the booking (or 50% for full décor packages).


5. Final payment is required 4 weeks in advance of the event.


6. At the time of final payment, a refundable sum of £100 is payable in addition to the hire charges. Damage deposits are preferred in the form of a cheque. This is taken as insurance and is not cashed and is only used in the event that any damages occur to any of our products. If it is not required, you will be informed and the cheque shredded. If you cannot provide this by cheque, it will be necessary to pay this into our bank account and we will hold it and return it after the event unless any part of it is required.


7. If any details on your booking form or invoice are incorrect then please inform us immediately. Ellis Events will only accept changes to an order from the lead contact/s via email, telephone or post. Any bookings that are not carried out due to incorrect information on the above forms will require full payment.


8. If at the time of set-up, we discover that the chairs are not the ones as confirmed by the lead contact or by a delegated member of staff at your venue then this may result in your ordered covers not fitting. In this instance, refunds are not possible and any outstanding payments are still due. To avoid this situation, we ask that you keep us updated if your venue replaces their chairs.


9. Final numbers for hired items should be made clear to Ellis Events 4 weeks before the event. We will allow for slight adjustments to your original estimate as we understand that it is difficult to predict exact guest numbers before this time, we are generally able to accommodate increases on original estimates. We cannot guarantee that sudden increases in numbers at the last minute can always be accommodated.


10. Please note that cancellation by the customer with less than 2 months till the booked date will require full payment. Cancellation outside of this time by customers does not require additional payment, but all deposits from the time of booking are unfortunately non-refundable.


11. All outstanding payments are due 4 weeks prior to your event and without this payment, Ellis Events staff cannot set out to dress an event. It is the lead contacts responsibility to ensure that all payments have been sent and received by Ellis Events.


12. Standard laundering of hired items is included in all of our prices, which include stains from food and drinks and light scuff marks from shoes. Ellis Events consider these stains as part of an event. Ellis Events will therefore not invoice additional charges to the lead contact after the event. However, if upon inspection after your event we find that irreversible or damage through mistreatment has been caused to our hired items for example rips, footprints, evidence of guests drawing on the linen, cigarette burns, candle wax and excessive food and drink stains etc. then this will result in Ellis Events issuing the lead contact an invoice to replace the damaged stock.


13. The Owner reserves the right to use any photography of events for promotional purposes unless otherwise advised by the hirer.


14. Goods must be ready for collection at the agreed location at the correct date and time. A charge is made for an aborted delivery/collection by the courier and Ellis Events where the venue/customer is at fault.


15. Goods must be packed in the boxes/bags they were delivered in and securely taped otherwise the courier cannot collect. (applicable to DIY orders)


16. Payment of your deposit and signature on your booking form, is deemed as you having read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of hire. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like clarification on any of the above items.




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